Freight Forward and Returns

To make things simple for you we have added a Returns/Redirection form to our electronic useful forms area of our website:

If you have items to redirect or return we can arrange to have this picked up anywhere in NZ and delivered back to you or redirected to a third party.

Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Fill in the mandatory fields*
  • You will receive a reply email advising that we have received your returns request form.
  • A member of our returns team will respond to you within 3 hours with a job number.
  • Next business day we will respond with a tracking number.

What could be simpler?

If you already have an account with Post Haste just complete the form and we will be in touch.

If you need to arrange opening of an account simply complete our Online Sales Enquiry form and our Sales team will get in touch with you shortly.

When will my freight be picked up?

Orders requested prior to 3.00pm will be picked up by the courier when they are next in the area. Orders requested after 3.00pm will be picked up next business day.

All charges associated with any freight forward, return or redirect will be invoiced directly to your account.