Network Status Framework


At Standard, our network and branches are operating business as usual. Freight volumes are at manageable levels.
Collections & Deliveries
  • Business as usual
  • No delays expected


At High Pressure, Covid-19 impacts mean our network and branches are not able to move all items as swiftly as usual and minor delays can be expected.
  • Predominantly business as usual
  • Expect some delays into and/or out of, this branch:
    • Add up to 2 days to business delivery zones
    • Add up to 3 days to Residential and Non-Urban/Rural delivery zones
  • Minor delays in query response times are likely. Please use our website to track and query items.

Very High

At Very High Pressure, we are making significant changes to when we pick up and the volume of courier items we accept. Some delivery delays can be expected.
  • Last collection times may be brought forward.
  • Volume and regional restrictions may apply – affected customers will be advised.
  • Freight may not be accepted at some branches after 3.00pm
  • Expect some delays and possible restrictions into and/or out of this branch:
    • Add up to 3 days to business delivery zones
    • Add up to 7 days to Residential and Non-Urban/Rural delivery zones
  • Expect delays in query response times and increase call wait times. Please avoid calling our customer teams unless you are querying a Critical item.


At Network Contingency, significant restrictions are in place to allow us to focus on medical necessities. Large volumes of courier freight are unlikely to be picked up, moved or delivered.
Collections & Deliveries
  • Freight priority settings apply.
  • Significant restrictions enforced.
  • Medical necessities are prioritised.

Network Status Dashboard

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How does the Network Status Framework work?

Our Network Status Framework will allow you to see, at a glance, how our network is operating and performing. We will assign each Branch and Sector within our network one of four Status levels. This allows you to understand any possible impact on your business and your customers.

What determines when a part of our network shifts Status levels?

Changes in staff or contractor numbers, freight volumes, weather, government regulations etc. Other things that may impact the Status level of our network are supply chain disruption, extreme weather, acts of god etc.

How often is the Network Status Dashboard updated?

Every working day, by 12:30pm, we will have made any relevant updates on our online dashboard (in the event of sudden major changes in our network, we may update more frequently). You can view our Network Status Dashboard to see what status applies for each of our branches across the country. We recommend you bookmark this page on your browser and check back in here after 12.30pm each day.

Will I be notified directly if a change in Status will affect my business operations?

While there will be email updates to our customer base at times, the fastest way to learn about any network changes is to view the online dashboard after 12.30pm each working day.

How long will this Framework be in place?

These are unpredictable times. In February 2022, it was Omicron. But next it could be another COVID variant, or a major weather event, or something else. We plan to use the Network Status Framework to allow you to understand any possible impact on your business and your customers no matter what is happening around the country.

What are we doing to limit the pressure on our network?

- New facilities
- Retain staff from peak periods
- New equipment
- New communications framework
- Working with you

Why does this Framework even exist? Why can't you just hire more people and deliver my products on time?

Events throughout 2020 and 2021 have shown us that we cannot always control or compensate for external factors. This Framework allows us to rapidly benchmark situations in multiple locations - share these with our customers and receivers and set baseline expectations for what will happen. Massive fluctuations in freight volumes and changes in external factors mean that we cannot simply "throw people" at every situation to fix things, but we can provide a rapid reference point that allows people to be informed as to what is happening.

Can I still send my international items at each Network Status level?

International items will fall under the same status framework for the pick-up branch, and as all international items transit via Auckland, the status for our Penrose branch will also apply.

Can I still send Returns and Freight Forward items?

These items also fall under the same status framework, based on the pick-up and delivery branches.

What is considered a 'critical item'?

- Pharmaceuticals/Medical items
- Personal Protective Equipment
- Hygiene items e.g. sanitiser
- Prescription veterinary items
- Essential documents
- Perishable food items to supermarkets (will be senders' risk due to the current restraints)
- Automotive parts (only for critical services)

Will call wait times and query response times be affected?

Call wait times and query response times are likely to increase if a branch is at a higher-pressure status level. We recommend using our website to track and/or query any items you are waiting on.

If a branch is at status levels Very High Pressure or Network Contingency, please only call that branch if you are querying a Critical item. For all other items, please use our tracking tool and query any items through our website. All queries will be answered as soon as we are able.

What freight gets priority when a branch is in 'Network Contingency' status?

Medical necessities (i.e. medical pharmaceuticals or surgical equipment) have absolute priority when our network is in 'Network Contingency' Status. Please be aware it is possible that even some items of freight that we define as 'critical items' may not be able to travel through our network if we are in 'Network Contingency' Status (our priority will be items that are needed immediately to preserve life in the immediate timeframe).

Will there ever be changes made to our Framework and Dashboard?

We continue to fine-tune the Framework, Dashboard and our operational communications. For example, there was slight confusion around words like 'critical', 'crisis' and 'critical items that we continue to move'. There was also confusion that in some branches we have needed restrictions on 'non-critical' items in Red and in other branches we have not needed restrictions at all. So we have simplified the Framework slightly. Green is still 'Standard'. Orange is still 'High Pressure'. Red is now 'Very High Pressure'. Black & Yellow is now 'Network Contingency'.