Send International

Post Haste take pride in offering a full range of solutions to our customers. We meet any courier requirement, and international distribution is no exception.

Post Haste International have established a strategic partnership with a powerful global network, which is ready and waiting to help your business travel the world.

Because of our big buying power you will find our rates competitive. What you think is only available from a global brand name is available right here.

Post Haste International

  • One account, one courier, one pickup...
  • Express door to door courier delivery
  • Delivery to more than 200 countries
  • Exports, imports, documents or parcels
  • Competitive rates

If you already have an account with Post Haste you can instantly start using Post Haste International. To arrange opening an account with Post Haste or to discuss your international requirements complete our Online Sales Enquiry form. Alternatively you can contact our International Help Desk on 0800 828 106, or email us at